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Landscape Photography Class - Filters and Perfect Skies 

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Saturday, June 15, 2013 5-7pm At the Studio $35
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 7-9pm At the Studio $35

photo landscape classIt's not enough just to get that shot of the pretty lanscape. Let's get that perfect sky above it as well. Balancing the entire photo is challenging. Composition is challenging. Getting the perfect shot is challenging. Let's walk through the entire process and get a better understanding of how to get this perfect and make this easy.


landscape photography workshopIn this class we will explore filters, light and composition. We will go through the typical filters that a landscape photographer would use: Soft sided graduated neutral density filters, Reverse graduated neutral density filters, Strong neutral density filters (black glass), Circular Polarizers and Color Polarizers. We will even explore High Dynamic Range (HDR) as well.


HDR landscape photographyTypically, the next day will be a practice at Valley Forge National Park or the Philadelphia Horticultural Center. In the field, we will try to attain "Perfect Skies" and stunning sunrises. Later on, we will meander down to a secluded stream and tiny waterfall, to try out our long exposure and flowing stream shots. This will be a great time for all. Make sure that you bring your tripod and cable release.


If you would like to purchase filters and such. There is a group of filters that we recommend on the "Equipment Store" page under "Graduated Filters" and "ND and Polarizer Filters".


Directions to the studio (1627 North 2nd Street, Suite 240, Philadelphia, PA). We are on the 2nd floor. This is a secure building, call me on my cell and I will come down and let you in.

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