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Coastal Panama Photo Tours

The Pacific coast of Panama is incredible. This is an area that has a volcanic beginning. There are many tiny protrusions that are inactive volcanic plumes. The beaches are volcanic sand and the photographic opportunities are spectacular.





Rain Forest Photo Tours

Date Time Location Buy it Now Price
December 15-21, 2013 one week Panama $1875

Until you have visited the Rain Forest, you really can't describe it. This tour takes you to the top of a 150 foot waterfall. Along the way, we will see howler monkeys, exotic birds and amazing insects. The waterfall is so tall, that it can be seen from 16 miles out into the Pacific Ocean.




Underwater Panama Photo Tours

One of my favorite dive destinations, this area is unbeatable. Huge schools of huge fish, whales, sharks, giant mantas and anything else you can imagine. I would describe this as diving in a can of sardines. Occasionally, the fish bump into you, because of lack of space.




Whale and Dolphin Panama Photo Tours

In the Gulf of Chiriqui, the humpback whales birth their calves. During certain times of year, you are guaranteed to see mother whales and their calves. But, don't get too close, a scene like this, a male whale guarding his territory will give you a startle. This is an all day boat tour that is truly an experience that you will always remember.